As the Christmas season approaches it is clear that those around President Trump have had too much contact with Russian interests. Is that collusion? Only if intent to use foreign government information in the 2016 election is proven. That is not proven conclusion. But it is something the Mueller Investigation is looking into. Is that correct? Is that what Mueller should be doing? It depends if you watch Fox, CNN or MSNBC. Has Mueller gone beyond his mandate? This question remains answered definitively. But the key issues seem to be coming to a head. Or are they? There are too many unanswered questions. Do you want to learn the background to all this? Then you should order the book from Amazon. It makes Bob Woodward and Michael Wolf look like amateurs. That is the facts behind collusion and the U. S. role under Trump in foreign policy is shown in the DeWitt book. Fact not fiction defines this book. That is a concrete cold-fact. This book also looks at European politics under Trump’s with great enthusiasm.

You can order the book TRUMP AGAINST THE WORD from Amazon.



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