Obama’s Detractors: In The Right Wing Nut House, Lessons From The Past

Some half dozen plus years ago when Obama’s Detractors: In The Right Wing Nut House came out, there were warning signs. It was four years before Trump’s incipient presidency. What were the warning signs? Jerome Corsi’s book: Where’s the Birth Certificate?, was a hit arguing President Obama was ineligible for the office of President as he was born outside of the U. S.. The book went to the top ten on the New York Times Best Seller list. This predicted there were voters who were crazy to elect anyone who was not a Democrat. This spelled doom for Hillary Clinton. The next warning came concerning Laura Ingraham who spews out her venom on Fox cable news daily. Donald Trump took note and copied her while doing many of the same things Ann Coulter did using obtuse and often disparaging language. The last warning was the rise of the conspiracy voter. Trump took all of this to the bank. He surprised everyone but the person who wrote Obama’s Detractors …Lessons from the past. Who says history isn’t important? Right Wing Walter will lower his arms on the table, look menacing and then announce Mueller is investigating things he shouldn’t. RWW learned this from watching Fox News. Sad!

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